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McDonald’s Just Added the ‘Big Vegan’ Burger to Israeli Menus

McDonald’s Just Added the ‘Big Vegan’ Burger to Israeli Menus

McDonald's Israel will add vegan burgers to the menu this summer. The world's largest fast-food chain will trial the "Big Vegan" -- a plant-based burger made from soy and wheat protein -- at select Tel...
McDonald's UK Launches Vegan Happy Meals

McDonald’s UK Launches Vegan Happy Meals

McDonald's UK locations are now offering a vegan Happy Meal option featuring veggie split pea-based goujons with dairy-free red pesto sauce. The fast-food chain made the announcement earlier today after a leaked photograph last week...
McDonald's Launches Vegan 'McAloo Tikki' From India in Global U.S.A. Headquarters Restaurant in Chicago

McDonald’s Launches Vegan Burger in Global U.S.A. Headquarters

McDonald's, one of the largest fast-food chains in the world, has launched a vegan option at its global headquarters restaurant in Chicago. Called the McAloo Tikki, the sandwich is served at McDonald's locations across...
McDonald’s Is ‘Keeping an Eye On’ the Impossible Foods and the Vegan Protein Industry

McDonald’s Reveals It’s Closely Watching Vegan Meat Market

One of world's largest fast-food chains, McDonald's, may serve vegan burgers in the near future. That's according to Lucy Brady, the burger chain's senior vice president of corporate strategy. Futurism reports that during Fortune's Most...