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One Vegan Meal a Week Reduces UK Emissions By 8%

One Vegan Meal a Week Reduces UK Emissions By 8%

Brits could reduce the nation's greenhouse gas emissions by more than eight percent annually by swapping red meat for a vegan meal just once per week, new data reveal. An 8.4 percent reduction in GHGs...
Penn Jillette swears that one of the best vegan meals is a whole watermelon. The comedian and magician adopted a plant-based diet to reverse health issues.

Penn Jillette Thinks Watermelon Is a Magical Vegan Candy

Penn Jillette thinks watermelon is nature’s candy. The naturally sweet water-dense melon is just one of the vegan meals the comedian and magician regularly eats. Jillette swears he can make a fulfilling vegan meal out...

Rapper Cardi B Eats Vegan to Improve Health During Pregnancy

Rapper Cardi B has taken to her Instagram stories to share her "first time" eating a fully vegan meal. " first time eating vegan Y'all," she said in the clip showcasing her feast. "I hope...