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Camilla Ainsworth, a finalist of “The Apprentice” 2018, has launched her vegan Salted Honeycomb Hazelnut milk in Holland & Barrett stores across the UK. The Retail Times reports that this marks the first exclusive, UK-wide listing of Ainsworth’s brand, M+LKPLUS. Founded in early 2018, the brand advertises itself as “no naughties nut juice” featuring no refined sugar, stabilizers, […]
If you’ve finally recovered from the $26-jar-of-almond-butter-crisis of 2015, there’s another hurdle for your healthy food fix–and it’s a steep one: vegan oat milk brand Oatly’s perpetual out of stock situation has some sellers charging $25 for a single carton of the stuff on Amazon. Oatly, the Sweden-based oat milk brand that recently splashed into American […]
Vegan dairy brand Silk is launching a range of oat milk, called “Oat Yeah.” The new non-dairy beverage is set to debut in major stores and supermarkets, including Walmart, Target, Sprouts, and Publix. Silk’s Oat Yeah comes in three “oat-mazing” flavors with names that sound like an episode of “Friends“: The Plain One, The Chocolate One, […]
Camilla Ainsworth, founder of vegan milk brand Mylk Plus, could soon be crowned the winner of “The Apprentice 2018.” Ainsworth and Sian Gabbidon are the remaining two contestants on the hit British TV show and will go head-to-head this weekend to see who will claim first place and secure the sizeable investment from multi-millionaire Lord […]
We aren’t fortune tellers and we’re not from the future. But we do know a trend or two when we see one coming. And we hope you’re heading into 2019 with a big appetite because there will be a lot of vegan food to nosh on. Have a peek at our 2019 vegan food trend […]
Bristol inventor Josh Coppersmith Heaven has created “Tiger Mylk,” a new kind of vegan milk created from tiger nuts. The rich vegan beverage – created after Heaven tasted a similar drink in Africa – has a creamy texture that could “rival vegan milks already on the market including oat and almond,” according to BristolLive. The […]
UK supermarket chain Morrisons has introduced an own-brand range of vegan milks, featuring sweetened soya milk, strawberry soya milk, chocolate soya milk, and unsweetened cashew milk. News of Morrisons’ nondairy milk range spread last week via shoppers on social media. The supermarket chain has offered vegan almond milk and shelf-stable soya milk for some time […]