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In the labeling war against vegan dairy alternatives, Stephen Colbert has swooped in to add some much needed comic relief. In a “The Late Show” segment last night, he unleashed his famous sarcasm against the issue, mocking certain members of the FDA who have made it their mission to ban the use of milk as […]
Organic, vegan food company Forager Project is set to launch a range of coconut-cashew non-dairy milks and yogurts. The line, described as “creamy and indulgent,” will include Unsweetened Plain and Unsweetened Vanilla Coconut Cashewmilk. Coconut Cashewgurt, a type of vegan yogurt, will also be on offer in Berry, Coconut, Lime, and Mango flavors. The products are full-fat, […]
Just over one year ago, the Innovation Center for US Dairy released the results of a national online survey that provided some insight into the American public’s relationship with the food system. According to the survey, 7 percent of Americans think chocolate milk comes from brown cows while 48 percent were unaware of how it is made. According to […]
Oat milk is a rising trend in the US, but in Europe, particularly Nordic countries, plant-based oat beverages have been the norm for some time. One family-run Finnish food and beverage company, Kaslink, is capitalizing on the rising popularity of oat milk, shifting its dairy-based focused to more vegan-friendly products. Although based in Finland, Kaslink […]
Southern California-based organic cold-pressed Juice Brand, Suja, has ventured into the vegan milk market with the debut of its pea protein milk range. While Suja is best known for its organic, cold-pressed juice, “wellness shots,” and kombucha, it is fitting that the SoCal-based brand would venture into making plant-based milk. The company’s mission statement envisions a market where […]
According to a new report released by market research firm Million Insights, concerns over heart disease and breast cancer will help drive the global dairy alternatives market to a projected $35.6 billion by 2024. While the report analyzes the dairy alternatives market through a broad range of categories such as ice cream, butter, cheese, and more, it goes into the finer […]