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The UK’s top fruit smoothie and juice brand, Innocent Drinks, has announced the release of their very first range of vegan-friendly nut and oat milk. Waitrose and Ocado will be the first stockists, with Tescos, Sainsbury’s, Asda and Morrisons’ shelves next in line for the new products. Alpro and Oatly are just two of the current major […]
With a rising number of consumers ditching dairy, particularly females, the question of whether human mothers drinking dairy resonates is inevitably raised. The reasons behind such a proposition are plentiful: drinking dairy poses adverse health effects, so should this be allowed to influence the development of a child? Dairy farming exacerbates climate change — should we […]
Elmhurst 1925, the New-York-based dairy-turned-plant-milk-producer, says it has expanded distribution of its vegan milk into several key markets in the tri-state area including 39 Whole Foods Market, Wegmans, and Walmart locations. Several key independent grocers are also now stocking the popular beverages including Westerly Natural Market, the Park Slope Coop, Lifethyme Market, Perelandra Natural Food Center, […]
Leading plant-based milk brand, Good Karma Foods, has announced the launch of brand new ready-to-drink flax milk. The new products are nutritious with low sugar and packed with omega-3, vitamins a and d, calcium, and protein. The new beverages will be available for purchase at supermarkets across the United States, as well as the online market […]
Founders of a new cellular agriculture company, Ryan Pandya and Perumal Gandhi, may have just had their ‘Perfect Day‘, career-wise. The business, which creates cow-free, vegan-friendly dairy protein, has raised $24.7 million in a Series A funding from Temasek, a Singapore state-owned investment company. Temasek has also invested in plant-based meat company Impossible Foods and vegan […]
UK brand PG Tips, manufactured by Unilever, has announced the launch of a tea bag made especially for vegan milk. The new item was “specifically designed to be used with plant-based milk”, according to an article by Veggie Athletic, and is said to be the first of its kind. The innovative product is titled ‘Perfect […]
Australia’s growing camel milk market is feeling stalled by the success of the booming nondairy industry, says a new report. “Plant-based milk alternatives such as soy milk, almond milk, and coconut milk are some of the major competitors for camel milk,” the report by Technavio stated. Camel milk took off in recent years as an alternative […]
Could plant-based milk be “the future of milk”? One company thinks so. Bolthouse Farms is not a vegan business, though they appear to back the cause. Late last year, the beverage and condiment company released a range of vegan milk across America. The launch intended to “satisfy the growing number of consumers seeking plant-based proteins, as […]