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The ever-growing popularity of the vegan movement has inspired yet another company to cater to the evolving market. “High demand” has resulted in increased vegan options for several pubs in the UK, with a new menu that “ticks many boxes”. Unique Hospitality, who strive to maintain “consistent standards of excellence” throughout all of their venues, […]
“Australia, we heard you”. After Dominos received an “incredible response” to a petition on vegan cheese, the massive chain store added vegan options to their Australian menus yesterday. The brand teased that the products will be permanently introduced if demand is high enough. Fortunately for pizza lovers, this may become a reality. According to a […]
International delivery service Just Eat has named veganism as a top consumer trend in 2018, due to users striving for “healthy lifestyles”. Just Eat currently boasts 20 million customers across the globe. The company’s popularity has certainly been recognized online; theirs is the only food delivery app that is rated five stars. Following recent research, Just […]

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