British supermarket retailer Asda has increased its vegan options, welcoming plant-based flatbread pizzas to its store shelves. The new product is part of Asda’s own-brand Flatbread pizza range. The line previously offered meat and cheese-based flatbread pizzas, but now the supermarket chain has added the Vegan Veggie Feast to the range. The frozen pizza is […]
UK supermarkets seem to be getting new vegan options at an alarming rate these days. Now, Lidl UK stocks two plant-based pizzas under its own-brand name, Trattoria Alfredo. The plant-based “Delicioza” pizzas — the own brand range has been available in European Lidl locations for a few years now — come in two flavors: Vegan […]
You can now buy vegan cheese and onion focaccia at Asda UK. New to the supermarket chain’s “Free From” range, the new cheesy bread is gluten-free and comes topped with dairy-free red Leicester and caramelized red onions. While Asda’s classic rosemary focaccia is vegan, its mozzarella and red onion-topped bread uses traditional dairy-based cheese. But […]
On the heels of its successful January vegan pizza launch, Pizza Hut’s 253 UK locations will expand their offerings to include a new three-course vegan menu, featuring four new pizza options, an appetizer, and a doughy dessert. Pizza Hut launched into 2019 with a big commitment to UK vegans and it didn’t disappoint; the international […]
Following a vegan cheese trial run and the release of a selection of new vegan menu items last year, Domino’s Australia has added its fourth vegan pizza option, and this one contains pineapple. Dubbed the “Vegan Summer BBQ Pizza,” the new option comes with vegan mozzarella, spinach, peppers, tomatoes, barbeque or tomato sauce, and chunks […]