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One of the UK’s largest supermarkets accredits vegan products for their recent rise in sales, Sky News reports. ASDA, the third-largest supermarket in Britain, revealed a 0.5% increase in their third-quarter sales, compared to the same period in previous year. This spike follows three consecutive quarters of growth, and executives are attributing this success to their […]
Contrary to popular belief, beauty does not have to equal pain. It is not only possible but also fun and healthy to find cruelty-free products for hygiene and aesthetic upkeep. You don’t have to shop in major cities to find these kinds of products — especially when so much is made available on the Internet. […]
Lesley Reynolds of Harley Street Clinic has made an exciting announcement about UK supermarket super-giant Sainsbury’s. Reynolds is a ‘recognised authority in the world of anti-aging‘ and her training has taken her from Aromatherapy, Indian head massage and Reflexology through to anti-aging and acne treatments, which have become her specialty. She advocates for cruelty-free, all […]
Sales of vegan food products have grown 8.1% in the last year alone and retailers are unable to ignore this latest consumer trend. The huge rise in demand for vegan-friendly food is pushing major companies to stop and take notice. This could be considered the start of the biggest shift in the mainstream market towards […]