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The development of algae protein could be the next big thing for vegan meat, as the number of companies researching the versatile plant-based ingredient increases. Although research into the use of algae as a biofuel is well-established, its uses in vegan food innovation are relatively new. According to the Financial Times “northern European entrepreneurs are […]
Vegan protein made from GMO cotton that could meet the daily requirements of 600 million people could be on the horizon – and, apparently, it tastes like hummus. Fortune reports that the USDA has given the green light to the commercialization of a cotton plant with edible seeds made with biotechnology. The new crop was […]
Danish vegan brand Naturli’ is planning to launch in the U.S. The company recently showcased their products at the Natural Expo West in LA, aiming “to impress the Americans the Naturli’ way“. CEO Henrik Lund and a team of colleagues showcased a range of dairy-free milk and vegan meat, as well as “a few surprises.” […]
Chickpeas. They’re full of protein, have a great flavor (in my opinion), and are pretty much the hottest legume out there. So en vogue. Creatively, they make great egg white replacements and dairy-free butter. You’ve seen them in all sorts of different recipes, whether it be pureed or juiced or powdered. But when was the […]