Roquette, an international specialty food ingredient supplier, is adapting to the growing consumer trend of plant-based purchasing. Fueled by the popularity of animal-free products, particularly those high in vegan protein, the company has placed an emphasis on its textured pea protein offering. Nutralys T70S, Roquette’s raw pea protein, has undergone improvements due to the high demand […]
No doubt, whole, plant-based foods provide optimal nutrition in the purest form. However, in our constantly rushing society, whole foods may not be the most convenient source of nutrition. We’ve all tried peeling a banana at a stoplight only to have the light turn green on us mid-peel, and sometimes there’s just no time to […]
A recent article by CNN hailed algae as “the food of the future”. The vegan dish is protein-rich, requires no fresh water to produce, and releases oxygen into the atmosphere, unlike most the world’s protein today that is derived from animals. Around 70 percent of the world’s available fresh water is used to rear livestock […]
Food industry leaders in New Zealand are looking ahead at the island nation’s future. And it looks a lot different according to experts at the recent Tauranga Techweek conference who suggest that by 2050, much of the nation’s “meat” will be plant-based. Meat alternatives present a growth opportunity “across the board,” according to Eric O’Brien of theU.S.-based Agtech and […]
Vegan meat brand Beyond Meat believes that selling plant-based meat in the butcher’s case is the right strategy. At the National Restaurant Show in Chicago earlier this month, the California-based company unveiled its latest product, the Beyond Breakfast Sausage that looks, cooks, and tastes like a traditional breakfast sausage. Made from a blend of pea, mung bean, […]
German-American actor and model, Zazie Beetz, known for her role as Domino in the forthcoming “Deadpool 2,” helped get in “ass-kicker” shape with training fueled by her vegan diet. Beetz’s personal trainer discussed her strength workout regime with PopSugar, noting he didn’t change her diet, rather encouraged her to “continue making good food choices and […]
New research published in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine, revealed high protein diets in older men did not increase muscle mass, nor provide any overall health improvement. The researchers categorized 92 functionally-limited participants, all of whom were 65-years-old or above, into several groups to try intervention methods prior to adverse health conditions setting in. The […]