A report by Bite UK and UK-based Eurostar Commodities has concluded that the demand for vegan protein is expected to surpass the demand for organic meat this year. Jason Bull, the sales director at Bite UK and UK-based Eurostar Commodities told Global Meat News that as plant-based proteins have fewer calories than meat, vegan protein appeals […]
CNBC recently published a list of projected foods that both sales and market research shows more people will be eating in 2018. Topping this list is ‘vegetable protein,’ with an emphasis on vegan meat products that look, taste, and sometimes even bleed like traditional animal products. Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods stand out amongst these vegetable […]
The global soy protein market is set to hit USD $5,888.4 million in the next 5 years, according to recent predictions. The report states that “high protein trend is gaining traction,” due to a growing preference for a healthy, nutritional diet and an “increasing inclination towards a vegan diet.” Food consumption patterns are changing, according to the report. […]
Meat & Poultry has named the advancement of plant based proteins as a highlight of 2017. Looking back at the past twelve months, Meat & Poultry has put together a ‘Year in Review 2017’ which picks up the ‘hot topics’ from the past year. Examining the most popular, most-read stories from 2017, Meat & Poultry […]
The global plant based protein market is on the up, so much so that by 2022 it is expected to reach an impressive $10,892.3 million. The global plant based market report has evaluated the popularity and use of pea protein, rice protein, soy protein and many more plant-based protein sources to come up with its […]
In a recent research study, scientists compared feelings of fullness after eating mushrooms and beef. Individuals reported feeling more satisfied after meals of vegetables compared to meat. The study observed the satiety and food intake of 32 individuals for 10 days. Participants were given protein-equivalent amounts of either white button mushrooms or ground beef. Participants […]
Do you know how much protein you need and how much you’re actually getting? Chances are, probably not. The average individual only needs 0.8g of protein per kg of body weight; an average person who weighs 150 pounds will only need 54g of protein per day. Your individual protein requirement can be found this this […]