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This dish is my modern take on classic coleslaw. The delicate flavor of the green peas and sugar snap peas make this an exceptional dish, and the crunch from the celery and pumpkin seeds is extremely satisfying. The tangy dressing is top-notch, too, so reserve any extra to use on another salad. All my recipes […]
Potato Nachos aka Potchachos! Did you guess it right? I think I died and went to potato heaven y’all! This was so good and can be as easy as chopping potatoes if you use pre-made toppings. I used beans/quinoa, lettuce with lime, pico de gallo, guacamole, hummus, corn, and green onion. These make a great […]
The first time I encountered fish tacos was when I visited my brother-in-law in Los Angeles where he lives the high life with his girlfriend. They are both pescetarians, so when they and my flexitarian girlfriend ate “real” fish tacos I made up these vegan tofu fish tacos so that I could join in. Since […]
Black is the new green. When it comes to food. So says the raw food guru David Wolfe. Black rice is an anti-inflammatory food with as many antioxidants as blueberries and blackberries and 6 times more than brown rice. During the Ming Dynasty, this rice was reserved for the emperors so that only they could […]
We love multi-meal recipes, which is why we’ve bookmarked this Vegan Chia Seed Pudding Phyter Bar Parfait recipe. It can be eaten nearly any time of day – breakfast, afternoon snack, or our favorite, dessert! The chia seed pudding makes it super refreshing and filling, and it’s packed with rich texture from the creamy non-dairy […]
My name is Gustav Johansson, and I run Sweden’s largest vegan food blog Jävligt Gott! I’ve teamed up with LIVEKINDLY to take some of the things that I do in Sweden and bring it out to LIVEKINDLY’s hungry readers all over the world. I’m mega stoked about this! As progressive and innovative as Sweden might […]
Waking up in the morning with a sub-par appetite but knowing you need some fuel for the day can be challenging. When you feel a smoothie won’t cut it, and oatmeal is too blah, it’s the power of superfoods and fresh antioxidants that will wake you up and get your gears churning for a busy […]