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Vegan runner Catra Corbett

53-Year-Old Vegan Runner Sets Record for 310-Mile Endurance Trail

Catra Corbett, a vegan and professional ultra-endurance runner, just set the record for the fastest time on the California Muir Ramble Route. Corbett completed the 310-mile journey in seven days, nine hours, and 49...
Vegan Ultramarathon Runner Covers 192 Miles in 72 Hours, Takes 1st Place for Female Runners

Vegan Ultra-Marathoner Takes 1st Place, Covers 192 Miles in 72 Hours

Vegan ultramarathoner Catra Corbett placed first in the female division of this past week's 72-hour Beyond Limits Ultra race. The plant-based athlete covered 192 miles, breaking a personal record. The ultramarathon took place over the course of...

Record-Breaking Plant-Based Marathoner Fiona Oakes Stars in New Vegan Video Series

The Vegan Society just released a teaser video to promote their exclusive interview with Fiona Oaks, a vegan record-breaking marathon runner. The video is part of the organization’s new digital event series, The Vegan...