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How to Make Eating Vegan Absurdly Easy

How to Make Eating Vegan Absurdly Easy

Everyone is eating plant-based foods these days. Sales are booming -- the industry is valued at more than $4.5 billion -- and new brands are emerging every day. So many, in fact, that it...
Leamington Spa Fred & Virginia Vegan Deli

The UK’s Leamington Spa Gets Its First Vegan Deli, Fred & Virginia

England's historic town of Leamington Spa has opened its first vegan deli, Fred & Virginia, which specializes in catering for food intolerances. The specially curated selection of artisanal and allergen-friendly pantry items include everything from...
Vegan Space South Korea Vegan Market

‘Vegan Space’ Supermarket Opens in Seoul, South Korea

A new vegan supermarket is now open in Seoul, South Korea. Named Vegan Space, the new business sells a range of plant-based and sustainable goods, including fermented drinks, cereal, nondairy milk, tempeh, condiments, pickled vegetables, and cruelty-free toiletries. Championing...