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The eighth and final season of HBO’s “Game of Thrones” is coming – Oreos launched limited-edition cookies to celebrate. The iconic cookie company posted a teaser last February hinting at the GoT Oreo’s arrival, which are available in major retailers nationwide now. The GoT Oreos don’t have special flavors, but the cookies are embossed with […]
Naked Skittles might debut in the US this year. Yes, you read that right – Skittles Chewies, a UK-exclusive vegan candy that’s essentially Skittles without the shell, are a thing. The vegan-friendly candy launched in the UK last July. According to Delish, Skittles’ newest sweet has a chewier texture and less of a fruit flavor […]
Trader Joe’s is killing the snack game – the affordable grocery store chain has launched vegan jerky made from watermelon. The Instagram Trader Joe’s List shared the photo below last month, but details are still scarce on the new vegan snack. Many commenters report that they haven’t found it at their local Trader Joe’s. According […]
Football, among other sporting entertainment, tends to have a snacking culture centered around meat and dairy. As of late, the times are changing and evolving and even beloved Super Bowl appetizers like Buffalo hot wings with blue cheese and ranch for dipping and mozzarella sticks can be made vegan. Here are 27 vegan party snacks […]
Valentine’s Day is on its way. And what better way to celebrate than with pink love-themed vegan Oreos. The limited edition loved-up snacks, called “Love, Oreo,” feature a pink dairy-free creme- filling and are described by the brand as “sweet and tangy.” The snacks are imprinted with a range of romance-inspiring sayings including “Dunk In Love,” “Dear […]
In the years’ past, vegan and cruelty-free options were limited. But these days, the choices can be overwhelming – a first world problem, but a problem nonetheless. But if that sounds like you or anyone you know, a vegan subscription box might be the solution. VeganCuts is a monthly subscription box that delivers a collection of […]
I used to love tzatziki, which is a Greek yogurt dip (also called cacik in Turkish). But where I am in Australia there have been no really good vegan versions brought out, so I decided to make my own. Surprisingly, it was super simple and is a very versatile dip or sauce. You can have […]
New vegan snack brand Outstanding Foods makes a plant-based bacon chip that tastes so similar to bacon, it’s enough to make a steakhouse owner swear. The company is ramping up for the official launch of its premiere product, Pig Out vegan bacon chips. Made from mushrooms, the new product promises that “pigless bacon chips are tasty as […]