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Before last year’s end, Pinterest rounded up its top 100 trends and showed just how much they’d grown in popularity throughout the 365 days. Ranking high on this list were vegan desserts and plant based meats, as well as edamame and snap peas — which were frequently posted about as healthy replacements for potato chips. Because […]
The Crispy Bar is out to be the best and newest rice krispy treat on the market. Made by the Dough Bar, a company that is no stranger to making healthy and delicious snacks, these bars are a lot more than they seem. The team wrote enthusiastically about their product: “Just like our protein DOUGHnuts, […]
It takes a lot to make people on the Internet stop and pay attention. But some things can do exactly that. Watermelon jerky is one of those things. Made by Sakara, this healthy snacks is catching the attention of some influential folks and with one simple ingredient — watermelon — and almost the full daily […]
A new startup based in New York, Beyond The Shoreline, is set to launch its vegan, non-GMO vegan jerky made from kelp into the mainstream marketplace in January 2018. This beef-less vegan jerky is made from the stems of mushroom, sugar kelp, pea protein, brown rice flour, sea salt and nutritional yeast. The manufacturing process is similar […]
Getting our sweat on does wonders for our physical and mental health. However, in order to get the most out of our workouts, we have to fuel our bodies with the best foods. This means consuming nutrient-dense, plant foods that are high in protein. These foods build and repair tissues and allow for a quicker […]
Bay-area-based Forager Project is no ordinary food and beverage company. What started with cold-pressed juice in 2013 out of a belief that organic, plant-based, dairy-free products could be delicious, made from clean ingredients, and better for people and the planet, has turned into a nascent vegan empire replete with cashew milk, yogurt, probiotic smoothies, shakes, […]
If you are new to veganism, or a long-time herbivore, you may be all-too familiar with going to a store and hitting the aisles saying WTF (Where’s The Food). Thankfully, there is plenty of mainstream snacks which believe it or not, are secretly vegan. To fuel your cravings these accidentally vegan snacks (‘accidentally vegan’ meaning […]