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Popular sustainable denim clothing brand Madewell launched its first-ever sneaker collection in time for spring; not only is it unisex, but it also features vegan-friendly designs. “We’re excited to launch our first line of sneakers,” Joyce Lee, Madewell’s head of design, said in a statement. “As a denim brand, creating our own sneaker was a […]
PSA: there are super-affordable, rose gold glitter sneakers available on Amazon – and they’re vegan. The shoes, made by Forever Link, are made from 100 percent synthetic materials and feature adjustable laces and padded insoles so they’re comfortable for long walks or dancing at holiday parties. The shoes have a 4.5-star rating out of 266 reviews, which […]
Vegan singer-songwriter and actor Kate Nash is looking for the best cruelty-free trainers to work out in. Yesterday, the star of the hit Netflix series “GLOW” consulted Twitter to find a new pair of shoes. “Can anyone recommend me the best vegan trainers for workin out??? #vegan #crueltyfree,” Nash wrote. One fan suggested going for any Nike […]
Vegan fashion designer Stella McCartney has released new “sustainably designed” recyclable sneakers. Described as “dynamic, modern and light,” the new “Loop” sneaker is “a feat of engineering,” according to the brand. Made in Italy using an innovative new method, the upper body of the shoe is fixed to the sole without glue, meaning that the two can be separated “at the […]