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These Chunky ‘Fila’ Style Sneakers Are Made From Vegan Apple Leather

Italian footwear brand Womsh uses apples to make its vegan leather trainers. Working with northern Italian company Frumat, the brand has created a range of vegan shoes using apple leather. The material uses the cores...
kate nash

Vegan ‘GLOW’ Star Kate Nash Asks Twitter for the Best Cruelty-Free Trainers

Vegan singer-songwriter and actor Kate Nash is looking for the best cruelty-free trainers to work out in. Yesterday, the star of the hit Netflix series "GLOW" consulted Twitter to find a new pair of shoes. "Can...
Stella McCartney

Sustainable Fashion Designer Stella McCartney Adds Vegan and Recyclable Sneaker Collection

Vegan fashion designer Stella McCartney has released new "sustainably designed" recyclable sneakers. Described as "dynamic, modern and light," the new "Loop" sneaker is "a feat of engineering," according to the brand. Made in Italy using an innovative new method, the upper body...