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Mumbai is welcoming its first vegan eatery, Cafe RVD, in May. This densely populated financial hub on the west coast of India has a “surplus of vegans,” according to Vegan First. The media outlet claimed a fully vegan establishment has been “a long time coming.” Mumbai (formerly Bombay) is the largest city in India and boasts […]
Vegan festivals are for everyone. No matter your age, ethnicity, or dietary preference, everyone is genuinely welcome. Festivals are high-energy events full of great music, fun-loving people, and of course,  delicious vegan food. As the plant-based movement draws increasing interest around the world, vegan festivals and fairs are also becoming more popular. We’ve scanned the […]
Kyoto, once the capital of ancient Japan, is a city famous for its historical prominence, as well as its temples, shrines, markets, palaces, and museums. It is also known for its traditional Buddhist, vegetarian, and often vegan, cuisine — shōjin ryōri – consisting of tofu, vegetables, and wild mountain plants. Whilst shōjin ryōri is still served proudly […]
The fifth annual Vegan Congress will be held this week in Tel Aviv, the world’s vegan capital. The two-day event, sponsored by Vegan-Friendly Israel, begins on March 8. Activists such as James Aspey and Joey Carbstrong, as well as co-founder of the Good Food Institute, Nick Cooney, are among the influential guests who will speak at this […]
London tourists now have a new option when it comes to hotel room service. Specifically, those who stay at the St. Giles Hotel can order plant-based dishes from a food company called BOL Foods. Effective immediately, guests at the hotel can now order a variety of vegan dishes from BOL’s lineup, including Thai Coconut Curry, Sri […]
A list compiled by The Good Hotel Guide has revealed that customers are increasingly expecting hotels to provide vegan menus. On the list of top 10 complaints that customers had about hotels, there not being a menu for vegans came in at number 7. This is likely a reflection of the fast-paced change in society […]
A national survey conducted by Harris Poll last year explored the eating habits of Americans. From these results, emerged the Top 10 best US cities for plant-based living. Here are the cities named the easiest places to be vegan in the USA! Harris Poll’s Top 10 Vegan-Friendly Cities in the US 10. San Diego, CA […]
Veganism is starting to permeate more and more aspects of daily life: we’re getting free-from sections in supermarkets, even dedicated plant-based supermarkets, the media is taking heed to the message, and now vegan travel is a thing too. The ‘Holistic Holiday at Sea’ is described as the “ultimate gift for your mind, body and spirit” where you […]