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Increasing Number of Couples Saying 'I Do' to Vegan Wedding Cakes

Increasing Number of Couples Saying ‘I Do’ to Vegan Wedding Cakes

More brides than ever before are requesting vegan wedding cakes, according to Bee Berrie, the award-winning owner and operator of the London-based bakery, Bee's Bakery. While the bakery specializes in both traditional and vegan wedding cakes, Berrie...
Kat Von D and Leaf

Kat Von D And Leafar Seyer to Have ‘The Most Epic Vegan Wedding Ever’

Vegan celebrity, entrepreneur, and activist Kat Von D is set to have an extravagant and compassionate vegan wedding ceremony to her husband, Leafar Seyer. The vegan couple legally married in February, announced their pregnancy in May, and...