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A founding member of the Animal Liberation Front (ALF), an international decentralized organization that conducts covert, direct action rescues of animals, is calling for “veganism” to be redefined for a new era of activists. Robbie Lee, one of ALF’s founding members, along with campaigner Tony Harris, presented the new definition of veganism while speaking at […]
(Updated April 6, 2020) | Is eating insects the solution for a more ethical and sustainable future of protein? We are, after all, living in a time when a significant change to global food systems may be necessary in order to maintain a growing population. Industrial animal agriculture has wreaked havoc on the environment, requiring vast […]
While speaking with Indigenous vegan Dr. Margaret Robinson, VICE recently explored the idea of veganism interplaying with cultural identity, rather than hindering it — challenging the stereotypical belief that veganism is a lifestyle exclusively for white people. Robinson, a professor of Indigenous Studies at Dalhousie University, said that veganism better connects her to her culture, that […]
According to a recent report published by Quartz, global interest in veganism has become more popular than vegetarianism. The media outlet analyzed the latest Google Search data to support this claim. Quartz charted Google’s search interest ranking for both terms, vegan and vegetarian, between 2004 and 2018 (see chart below). In the first eight years […]
Cory Booker, the U.S senator who hails from New Jersey and just so happens to be a vegan, has launched a new podcast. Booker decided to make the leap into veganism back in 2014 and has never looked back. He said of his decision at the time, ‘when you find yourself trying to avoid the […]
Have you made a New Year’s Resolution to go vegan in 2018 but worried you’ll fall off the wagon? If this sounds like you, fear not, here are 12 simple steps to help you keep on track. 12 Easy Tips to Make Your New Year’s Resolution to Go Vegan Stick Mistakes Happen, Learn From Them If […]
Back in August, it was reported that the meat industry of New Zealand was facing an uncertain future. Now, that future seems to be looking even more shaky, with the flexitarian lifestyle becoming more and more popular across the nation. This is all down to the delicious plant based food alternatives on offer in the […]