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After the recent announcement by vegan dairy-style cheese brand Miyoko’s Kitchen that it’s releasing a Philadelphia-style cream cheese and upscaling production – the plant-based company has shared a sneak-peek of the three new flavors coming to its lineup. Miyoko’s captioned a drool-worthy snap with a description of each flavor, which also boasts the company’s new packaging. Plainly Classic: […]
High street veggie-heaven Pret has announced three new vegan dishes that will be added to the menu as of January 4th. Pret had a very successful 2017 with meat-free options, the chain was able to open its third fully vegetarian location in London, and even reported that the eight top-selling products were all vegan. One […]
Veganism thrived in 2017 with extraordinary jumps in interest, availability, innovation, and sales, all over the world. There were documentaries like What the Health and films like Okja that shook people to the core. Social media was abuzz with vegan food tutorials and cruelty-free beauty. It’s clear that people are happy and willing to make positive changes, especially given […]
January can be a tricky month for food with people trying to avoid roast dinners at all costs, and some people embarking on healthier lifestyles. Many people choose to take the Veganuary challenge, a way to take your first steps into veganism with a whole month of support and resources. So, in honor of this, […]
Derek and Chad, aka The Sarno Bros. of Wicked Healthy Food, have teamed up with Veganuary to bring you ‘wicked awesome recipes’ for each day of January. The brothers who describe themselves as ‘proud graduates of the university of common sense and kitchen smahts’ are on a mission to make your Veganuary journey as simple […]
If you’re a vegetarian, it’s likely that the idea of veganism has crossed your mind once or twice. But veganism seems so… extreme. And you could never give up cheese, right? These are common thoughts, for sure. But if you’re toying with the idea, here are 9 important reasons you should ditch dairy and animal […]
With 2018’s Veganuary (go vegan for the month of January) soon arriving, many people are gearing up to take the month-long vegan pledge, for animals, the environment and (or) personal health. Perfect for a “New Years’ Resolution”! On the same day that the next Veganuary launches (December 28th), the organisation will also be launching a […]
Veganuary, an initiative which gives people support and resources for a month should they wish to make the switch to a vegan lifestyle, will be launching a book on December 28th of this year. The book which is titled ‘How to Go Vegan: The why, the how, and everything you need to make going vegan […]