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EATKINDLY Delicious Food for a Better Future

Leading a kinder life begins with the food on your plate. Here’s how to eat, cook, and consume with consciousness.

Your weekly vegan news in a nutshell – October 19th 2018. Prince William joins forces with financial institutions to challenge the illegal wildlife trade. Documentary 73 Cows wins best film and tells the story of Jay Wilde, a reformed cattle farmer. Sainsbury’s vegan hot dogs and burgers fool football fans. The Canadian government invests 153 […]
Satisfy your sweet tooth this Halloween. While a lot of candy contains dairy, gelatin and even eggs, these treats are completely cruelty-free. When in doubt, ingredients to be aware of are: – Gelatin (produced from animal skin, tendons, bones) – Carmine (red pigment from insects) – Confectioner’s Glaze (also from insects)
Your weekly vegan news in a nutshell – October 12th 2018 Unilever demands a global animal testing ban and Dove becomes certified cruelty-free. The UN warns we must make drastic changes to prevent a climate change crisis by 2030. Amy’s Drive-Thru set to open a veg-eatery in a San Francisco airport. Bryan Adams on why […]
Kendrick Farris is an Olympic weightlifter from the United States. He competed in the 94 kg weight class at the 2016 Olympics. Farris not only avoids consuming dairy product, he also chooses to abstain from all animal products including meat and eggs, partly to improve his athletic performance and recovery times. Farris was named Sports […]
Your weekly vegan news in a nutshell – October 5th, 2018. Google launches a vegan ad in an New York City subway station. Dutch company Oatly’s tongue-in-cheek billboard ad. JUST’s vegan egg quickly outsells liquid whole chicken eggs in first week of launch. Did you know these 4 Big Bang Theory cast members are vegan […]