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Vegan ice cream brand Swedish Glace has launched two brand new flavors of its popular dairy-free product in Waitrose. Cinnamon is the first of the new offerings, made with almond-based ice cream, drizzled with toffee sauce, and checkered with hazelnut pieces. The second is Coconut, made with coconut-based ice cream, with an added swirl of […]
Vegan ice cream by international brand Solero is now available at Waitrose. Solero, owned by Unilever and sold under the name Splice in Australia and Heartbrand in several other countries, has launched its organic fruit ice lollies in the UK. The treats, available in flavours like Peach Organic and Lemon Organic, feature fruit juice and […]
Major British supermarket chain Waitrose is launching mini vegan jelly avocados in time for Easter. The launch follows the success of the avocado-themed Easter egg the chain offered last year. Made with Belgian milk and white chocolate, last year’s egg wasn’t vegan-friendly. However, in a bid to cater to all avocado-lovers this Easter, Waitrose has […]
Leading UK supermarket chain Waitrose has launched 14 new vegan products, including ready-meals, plant-based fish fingers, and frozen pizza. The fish-less cakes are made from potatoes, butter beans, and seaweed, and the fish-less fingers are made from breaded tofu. Waitrose is also launching dairy-free tartare sauce to pair with its new vegan seafood products. The […]
Tapping into the ever-growing vegan dairy market, leading UK supermarket chain Waitrose launched gut-healthy, dairy-free yogurts. Two soya desserts, fermented with bacterial cultures and fortified with vitamins and calcium, have appeared on Waitrose shelves. The yogurts, which contain vitamins like E, B2, D, D2, and B12, are listed as low in fat, sugars, and salt […]
As plant-based diets rise in popularity across the UK, vegan burgers, sausages, and nuggets are in abundance on the shelves of supermarket chains up and down the country. However, up until recently, a vegan option for a croissant was a rare find. But now, consumers can breakfast on a plant-based, dairy-free version of the flaky […]
Now you can have your tree and eat it too. A new edible vegan Christmas tree has arrived at Waitrose. Actually a rosemary plant in disguise, the item, which is grown in Chichester to be roughly 30cm tall, is shaped like a Christmas tree so that shoppers can still lace its branches with lights and decorations. […]

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