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Sales of vegetarian food at major UK supermarket Waitrose are up 34 percent from last year, the company reports, reflecting the rising demand for vegan food among British consumers. Waitrose announced the spike in sales shortly after becoming the first supermarket to launch a dedicated vegan section at all locations. The section features 125 vegan ready-made […]
Vegan chicken nuggets and vegetarian Lincolnshire sausages by the Vegetarian Butcher have arrived at UK supermarket chain, Waitrose. The plant-based nuggets will be part of the chain’s new vegan section. Waitrose has recently added 50 new vegan and veggie products to its offerings due to rising consumer demand for meat and dairy-free products. Vegetarian Mc2 Burgers, […]
UK supermarket chain, Waitrose, has launched dedicated vegan sections across all of its stores, nationwide. Pieminister, The Happy Pear, Clive’s, KoKo, Bol, Cauldron, and Quorn, are just some of the new vegan and veggie brands now available from the supermarket. In fact, as reported in May, the chain has expanded its plant-based range by 50 […]
UK Supermarket giant Waitrose is set to expand its vegetarian and vegan range with an extra fifty products. The new range will be launched in one hundred and twenty-five Waitrose stores, along with a new dedicated vegan section – a first for the chain. The Happy Pear and The Vegetarian Butcher are among the new brands set to […]
Baileys is often considered the Irish cream coffee liquor, adored for being a creamy drink that also takes the edge off, especially during winter. Now, there’s a vegan-friendly version made with an almond milk base and British shoppers join Americans in boozy luck, as this alcoholic beverage is available in the UK at two major supermarkets: […]
Kicking off the year with a healthy start, luxury supermarket Waitrose has announced some new products making their way onto shelves, and they are completely vegan. In the on-the-go options, Waitrose has included two new vegan sandwiches: Vegan Mean Greens, and Sweet Potato and Chipotle. The supermarket is also beginning to offer Mushroom and Miso […]
2017 has seen the rise of many meat substitutes, proving that to have a vegan diet you don’t have to take all your inspiration from a guinea pig. Big lump of hay with a side of carrot and kale anyone? No disrespect to the latter, but we’ll decline the hay, thanks. Back in October, the […]
Supermarket super-chains Marks and Spencer (M&S) and Waitrose have both launched their first ‘faux-meat’ products this week, and they claim that taste-wise they are indistinguishable from the real thing. The new range comes in response to a rise of both veganism, and also the flexitarian diet where people are cutting down on meat consumption and looking […]