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Canada Just Banned Whale and Dolphin Captivity

Canada Just Banned Whale and Dolphin Captivity

(Updated June 14, 2019) Canada has banned venues such as aquariums and theme parks from keeping whales, dolphins, and porpoises in captivity for entertainment. The new legislation, Bill S-203, passed the House of Commons today....
How Blue Whale Poop Plays a Critical Role in Climate Change

This Is How Important Whale Poop Is to Pretty Much Everything

A team of scientists will soon head to the Antarctic to study the effects of blue whale poo on biodiversity and climate change. The blue whale is the biggest mammal in the world, weighing as...

Holiday Deep Blues: Are Cruises Killing Marine Life?

This week saw a humpback whale, thought to be a juvenile, impaled on a Princess Cruises ship: an unanticipated passenger as the ship arrived in Alaska. The 6-metre long humpback was harpooned by the 290-metre...