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When Doug Schmidt suffered a near-fatal heart attack at only 49-years-old, he had a big wake up call and resulting in some major changes to his lifestyle; primarily through the adoption of a vegan diet. Now, Schmidt is living a healthy life as a wellness coordinator for New York’s Rochester School District where he leads an […]
This adorable plant-strong grandma, Anne Fraser, is youthful well beyond her years. However, her health hasn’t always been shining. After swapping her diet of animal products for a healthy vegan diet three weeks before aging gracefully into her 96th year, Fraser beat her cardiovascular condition. Fraser used to suffer from an irregular heartbeat (medically known […]
As part of their new ‘Talks at Google’ friendly debate series, Google released a new video on YouTube yesterday titled ‘The Ideal Diet: The Directors of […]’. The talk consisted of a discussion between ‘Cowspiracy’ and ‘What the Health’ co-director Kip Anderson, creator of the ‘bulletproof’ diet Dave Asprey, which includes meat, and plant-based cardiologist […]
Feminist adult filmmaker, Erika Lust, has taken to Instagram to announce her decision to go vegan this 2018. Lust, who directors pornographic films for people ‘who don’t think that sex always has to be presented as cheap, tasteless and vulgar,’ believes that this new lifestyle change is in line with her morals, as well as […]
One of the most talked about documentaries of the year, What The Health, has announced today that it has been nominated for a major award. The NAACP Image Awards, a ceremony dedicated to acknowledging the on-screen achievements of people of color, has nominated What The Health for the Outstanding Documentary (Television) category. The documentary is […]
British Formula 1 champion, Lewis Hamilton, has accredited his vegan diet as the real driving force behind his success. Speaking to CNN he raved, ‘I do feel the best I’ve ever felt in my life, in my 32 years, physically’, he then goes on to add ‘I feel incredibly clean and healthy.’ This is not […]
Following the release of recent exposé documentary, What The Health, a noticeable wave of new vegans are emerging in a bid to discover a new, healthier way of eating. Even major celebrities such as Ne-Yo and F1 athlete, Lewis Hamilton have credited their dietary changes to the film. More surprisingly though, in Texas, the top cattle-raising state in […]

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