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Vegan Squirty Whipped Cream Now at Tesco

Vegan Squirty Whipped Cream Now at Tesco

Tesco now offers canisters of vegan squirty whipped cream -- ideal for cakes, pies, hot chocolates, or just spraying directly into your mouth. Made by FoodHeaven, Heavenly Whipped Spray Cream is free from gluten and...
Reddi-Wip Will Launch a Nondairy Whipped Topping to 'Cater to Consumers', Company Says

Reddi-Wip Vegan Whipped Cream Now Available in the US

Back in November 2017, Conagra, the parent company of the popular aerosol can-based whipped cream, Reddi-Wip, promised to develop a vegan option. The brand made the announcement in an attempt to “cater to consumers'...