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Whole Foods Market is now selling healthy vegan mac ‘n’ cheese. The supermarket chain has added Ark Foods’ dairy-free Cauli Mac and Cheese to its store shelves. The product features fresh cauliflower florets with cashew-based cheddar. Ark Foods describes the dish has “impossibly rich and creamy, with a hint of smokiness.” The microwaveable meal, which is […]
Last year, Whole Foods Market launched vegan macaroni and cheese at hot bars in 55 locations in the Pacific Southwest region. The plant-based dish was a result of the company’s partnership with Chef Ayindé Howell, a trained chef and creator of Mac & Yease. Now, the company has added the option to hot bars in […]
The highly anticipated vegan seafood company Good Catch Foods has officially launched its chef-developed, plant-based tuna. The vegan tuna comes in three flavors – Naked in Water, Mediterranean, and Oil & Herbs – and is available in Whole Foods Market and online through Thrive Market this month. The brand aims to disrupt the $120 billion […]
Pea milk is set to be the UK’s next vegan food craze, according to Whole Foods. A new player in the dairy-free milk field is emerging that could shake up the vegan dairy industry. Alongside soy, almond, oat, coconut, rice, and hemp milk, drinks made from pea protein are becoming more popular. In its UK […]
If your new year’s resolution is to look after your skin – or maybe just to try some new, exciting products – then Whole Foods has got you covered. The chain is launching some new makeup and skincare products in 2019 that are absolute must-tries for anybody who is into their cruelty-free, natural, vegan beauty. […]
A simple but sophisticated pâté that highlights the earthiness of fresh and dried mushrooms, complemented by the delicate flavors of thyme and parsley. Serve with vegetables or crackers, or in a sandwich wrap with whole-grain flatbread. Vegan Porcini Pate Recipe from the whole foods cookbook December 19, 2018 by Whole Foods Category Food Recipes Persons 4 […]