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About fifteen years ago, I lived for a stint in the Philippines while revamping the menu for the Farm at San Benito, a health resort in the Batangas region. One of the chefs was from Thailand and usually made the staff meal. I fell hard for this dish. She made it with fresh coconut cream […]
Meaty king oyster mushrooms make this dish a win-win for meat eaters and plant eaters. The mushrooms have long, thick stems that you slice into thick strips, skewer, then roast to make satay. Yes! A creamy, gingery peanut sauce brings it all together. WICKED HEALTHY VEGAN KING SATAY with SPICY PEANUT-GINGER SAUCE Ingredients Serves 4 […]
Dumplings are hands-down my favorite finger food. They’re also perfect as a first course in a small bath of flavorful broth. Save these dumplings for the height of summer when sweet corn is super fresh. Some fresh corn shows up in the creamy filling and some in the corn broth, which you make by simmering the corncobs […]
The brothers behind Wicked Healthy food, Derek and Chad Sarno, have announced the launch of their highly anticipated vegan cookbook due to hit the shelves on May 8th. The book, entitled, “The Wicked Healthy Cookbook: Free. From. Animals.,” will feature a forward written by award-winning actor and longtime vegan, Woody Harrelson. At the end of last […]
This January, vegan chef Derek Sarno is launching an exciting new brand. Exclusive to Tesco who is ‘leading the plant based movement as far as retailers go‘, the Wicked Kitchen range will include 20 exciting new products that are all completely vegan. Sarno has previously worked as the senior global chef at Whole Foods Market […]
Derek and Chad, aka The Sarno Bros. of Wicked Healthy Food, have teamed up with Veganuary to bring you ‘wicked awesome recipes’ for each day of January. The brothers who describe themselves as ‘proud graduates of the university of common sense and kitchen smahts’ are on a mission to make your Veganuary journey as simple […]
Lagging behind in this new world of plant-based products has been a substitute for fish. Although recently, the vegetarian brand, Quorn have made their Fishless Fingers vegan and Linda McCartney now offer vegan Scampi. Now, there’s a new fishless company coming to market with vegan fish and seafood, the brand called ‘Good Catch’  Good Catch […]

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