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There’s no shortage of people sharing their love for veganism, or asking for help to go vegan on what seems like every social media platform there is. However, in 140 characters or less, tweetin’ about the vegan lifestyle and movement is very prevalent. And of course, like most trends and global hot topics, celebs are […]
After making headlines recently regarding his dramatic weight loss and improved health following the adoption of a plant based diet, Black Eyed Peas lead and the Voice judge has now shared his own voice on the matter. (Well, Tweet) The star took to Twitter earlier today (Jan 5) with a rather symbolic message. ‘No’ chicken, eggs, fish, […]
Black Eyed Peas lead and the Voice judge recently shared that he’d started following a vegan diet. After a recent struggle with weight gain and poor health, the singer decided it was time to make a change. The star reported that he weighed roughly 15 stone (210 pounds) after filming for the Voice. He said going vegan […]

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