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Following TGI Fridays’ recent partnership with Beyond Meat, The Beyond Burger will soon be a welcomed addition to their traditionally meat-heavy menu. TGI Fridays will be featuring the plant based patty on the menu as part of an eight-week trial with expectations to rollout the new menu item early next year.

Earlier this year we saw the Beyond Burger triple its distribution growth within just a mere two months of operating and more recently, the company signed a deal with the U.S largest food distributor, Sysco, to enable further expansion across the country.

beyond meat burger

Beyond Meat produce vegan meat with a similar texture to animal-based versions and even has the ability to bleed (beet extract), smell and taste like ‘real meat’. Their 6-oz plant-meat patties even boast a whopping 20g of protein per patty, from peas, not gluten, soy or GMOs.

The trial will be taking place in Dartmouth, Mansfield, Attleboro, Providence, Seekonk and Taunton restaurants through October 2017 however can still be purchased nationwide in stores such as Whole Foods and other major retailers.

This news comes not long after the same company announced they are partnering with Kroger, to bring their plant-meats to an estimated 1,300 grocery chains nationwide.

Jodi Monelle Founder & CEO, LIVEKINDLY |

LIVEKINDLY was born out of Jodi's passion to bring inspiring vegan stories mainstream along with her expertise in media publishing and time spent with the BBC. Running the largest plant-based digital platform on the web has made her a sought-after expert leading the conversation about media's role in making the world a healthier and more compassionate place for all.