The EU Wants to Tax Meat for the Climate
The EU may start to charge a sustainability tax on meat.
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The price of meat may go up in the European Union to reflect its taxing impact on the environment. True Animal Protein Price Coalition, a group made up of health, climate, and health NGOs, will present the report on Wednesday.

Under the plan, the price of meat would go up beginning in 2022. It would add a projected €32.2 billion per year by 2030. Veal and beef prices would increase by 47 cents per 100 grams, 36 cents for pork, and 17 cents for chicken.

europe meat tax
The EU may raise meat prices to combat the climate crisis.

Correcting ‘Artificially Low’ Prices

“The time has come for us to act decisively with policy on the environmental consequences of animal protein, the price of which has been kept artificially low for far too long,” said Philip Mansbridge, executive director of ProVeg, one of the coalition members.

Beef and veal prices have the highest increase due to their environmental impact. Per the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization, cattle raised for beef and milk account for 65 percent of livestock sector emissions.

According to Mansbridge, the plan is “fair for farmers,” and “supports the transition to a more plant-based food system that we so urgently need.

Revenue from higher meat prices would be used to help farmers invest in more sustainable practices. It could also be used to lower value-added taxes and consumer subsidies on fruit and vegetables.

Chicken, pork, and beef consumption may drop by 30 percent, 57 percent, and 67 percent respectively by 2030. Additionally, the change could reduce the EU’s carbon dioxide emissions by 120 million tons.

What Is the Farm to Fork Strategy?

The proposal would be added to the Europan Commission’s Farm to Fork Strategy, which aims to create a more sustainable food system by implementing further restrictions on the use of pesticides, fertilizes, and antibiotics.

It would move the EU toward a circular economy and aim to reduce the carbon footprint of food processing. Additionally, it would also help consumers choose healthy, sustainable diets and reduce food waste.

It is a key component of the European Green New Deal. EU president Ursula von der Leyen announced the plan last December.

The EU Wants to Tax Meat for the Climate
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The EU Wants to Tax Meat for the Climate
The EU could introduce a sustainability tax on meat in efforts to curb member nations' contributions to the climate crisis.
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