Skoda is “joining the EV party” with a new bright yellow electric car with vegan interiors, according to Top Gear.

The new design, named the Vision iV, is just a concept at the moment; the real model is slated for release next year.

Top Gear notes that the “sleek” new car is a “four-door crossover coupe that’s been basted with a tick list of 2019’s must-haves: an electric drivetrain, front and rear full-width light bars, vegan interiors, autonomous functionality, plus voice and gesture control.”

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The unveiling of the Vision iV follows on from Skoda’s revelation in 2017 that the future of the company is electric. “Skoda’s future will be electric. By 2025, we plan to offer five purely electrically powered models,” said Bernhard Maier, Skoda Auto’s CEO, in a statement.

Electric and hybrid vehicles with vegan-friendly interiors are becoming increasingly common. BMW recently released prototype images of its upcoming luxury vegan electric SUV, and Audi unveiled the e-Tron GT at the LA Auto show in September 2018, complete with floor mats made out of recycled ocean fishing nets.

Nissan also recently unveiled a potential future electric design featuring vegan leather at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. The reveal follows on from the company’s launch of the “Leaf” last year, the top-selling electric vehicle throughout Europe in 2018.

The Future of Electric Cars

Tesla is widely recognized as a leader in the electric vehicle industry, but CEO Elon Musk isn’t shy about encouraging competition.

In a 2014 blog post, titled “All Our Patent Are Belong To You” he told the world that he had released the patents for Tesla’s technology, helping other companies design their own hybrid and electric vehicles.

He wrote in the same post, “Our true competition is not the small trickle of non-Tesla electric cars being produced, but rather the enormous flood of gasoline cars pouring out of the world’s factories every day.”

According to the International Energy Agency, since 2014, the global number of electric vehicles (both battery and plug-in varieties) has grown from half a million to over 3million. Norway was the market leader in 2017, with the sales of electric vehicles making up 40% of the market.

Image Credit: Skoda

This Is the Electric Vegan Car You've Been Waiting For
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This Is the Electric Vegan Car You've Been Waiting For
Skoda has released the concept for its latest vehicle, which will not only be its first electric car, it will also come with all vegan leather interiors.
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