This Vinyl Shop Stocks One of Largest Vegan Wine Selections in the UK
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A couple has opened a vinyl record and organic, biodynamic vegan wine shop in Manningtree, Essex.

The shop, appropriately named Winyl, is the brainchild of husband-and-wife duo Whilmari Swift and Steve Tattam. Local news source East Anglian Daily Times reports that Tattam has more than 20 years experience selling vinyl, starting back in the late ’80s, when he worked for Virgin Megastore.

Tattam eventually moved on, but said that the resurgence of vinyl prompted him to consider other career options. According to a report released by global data firm Nielsen last year, record sales have been on the rise for 12 consecutive years, with vinyl representing 14 percent of all physical album sales last year.

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“But in March this year I started thinking about my life and I reflected on when I was happiest,” he explained. “With the vinyl revival of the last few years, I thought maybe, just maybe I can make a business of that and go back to what I really enjoyed in my career. I’ve also worked with beer and wine so I thought how cool it would be to sit and listen to records with wine. That’s how Winyl was born really.”

Why unite records with vegan wine? Last September, Swift told the Harwich and Manningtree Standard that both are a passion of her husband’s.

“So we did our research and went to events like the wine fair in London and discovered there is a huge market for vegan and organic wines,” she said. The demand for biodynamic vegan wine is so high that Org de Rac, a South African winery, removed all animal products from its process.

Traditional winemaking involves a process known as fining, which uses animal products like egg whites, bone marrow, and isinglass (derived from fish swim bladders) to filter out organic matter like tannins.

Realising the high demand for organic vegan wine, Swift and Tattam stock around 24 carefully curated varieties at a time. Winyl offers one of the largest vegan selections in east England.

“I really set out to seek quality vegan organic wines,” Tattam said. “If you go to the supermarket there aren’t really many, but I’ve found a few ranges which are excellent. Even better, they have unusual labels and really exciting artwork which draws you in – a bit like album covers really.”

Winyl offers samples of 20 varieties for customers to try while shopping for wine or records.

“It’s going brilliantly well,” Tannan enthused. “In particular the vinyl. The revival there is a bit of nostalgia.…We’re all so busy and lead such stressful lives, that this is in some way about claiming time back. You can’t rush playing a record. It’s a really nice, tangible activity and that’s what we’re all about here.”

Image Credit: Winyl

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The UK Now Has a Vegan Wine and Vinyl Record Shop, Winyl
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The UK Now Has a Vegan Wine and Vinyl Record Shop, Winyl
Winyl, a new store in Manningtree, Essex, sells vegan organic wine and vinyl records; the shop was inspired by the founders love of music and wine.
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