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It’s National Beer Lover’s Day in the U.S., it’s nearly the weekend and who doesn’t enjoy a crisp cold beer? So we thought we’d celebrate by showcasing our favourite Top 10 Beers from around the world. Whether you love a crisp lager, a wholesome stout or a good IPA we’ve got something for everyone.

Many breweries have made the move away from using isinglass, a gelatin like substance made from the swim bladder of fish, and of course some still use other animal derived ingredients like honey. As more and more adopt the German approach of purity, where only water, grain (barley or wheat), hops and yeast can be used we hope to see even more beers for vegans and non-vegans who don’t fancy fish in their beer!

Here’s our top picks but if you want to check out your favourite or want to try something new and not sure if it’s vegan, this website can help.

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Top 10 Beers For National Beer Lover’s Day



Arguably the most well known beer in the world, ‘The Great American Beer’ is the perfect example of the American Dream – the German founder Adolphus Busch moved to America and found success in beer making using the successful German art of brewing. Both Bud and Bud Light are vegan so crack a few open and enjoy.


sapporo beer

The oldest beer brand in Japan, founded in 1876, from the northern city of Sapporo also famous for it’s skiing this beer is so good you’ll enjoy it even if it is snowing outside.



We’re so pleased that Guinness draught beer went vegan last year. They have plans to make all their beers vegan but until then you can enjoy a freshly poured glass from the tap.

In 1759, Arthur Guinness famously took out a 9000-year lease on a brewery and they have been brewing and exporting their black ever since. With their iconic TV adverts and the old adage that ‘Guinness is Good For You’ there’s a lot of reasons to love the black stuff. Just make sure you get a good bartender who can create the lucky clover on your beer!

Samuel Adams Boston Lager

A great full bodied craft lager that packs a punch at 5%. These guys have been brewing this beer for over 30 years and it’s a classic go to beer when you want something a bit stronger than the usual light beers.

Stella Artois

Another strong yet crisp beer. This pilsner from Belgium has an impressive heritage when in 1708, Sébastien Artois became head brewer at a brewery established in 1366!  Artois purchased the brewery in 1717 and the rest is history!

Pilsner Urquell

On the 5th October, 1842, this company brewed the world’s first golden pilsner, and the unstoppable recipe has been unchanged ever since. This new beer was born from innovative techniques that make pure malted barley, made from local Czech hops, Plzen water and lager yeast. As for the flavour, it is said to “develop in the middle, followed by a refreshing, clean finish and balanced aftertaste.”


This beer was born from experimentation, and started with home-brewing. All their beers are vegan-friendly, except for the ones containing honey. If you aren’t already sold on vegan beer, their epic, eccentric and super funky designs on the cans and packaging are just too inviting to refuse… Seriously, they make the beer that much better.

Sierra Nevada

Even from the early days, this brewery company has been passionate about sustainability. Even though they are already leaders in beer-industry sustainability, the company is passionate about striving to further improve their practices to environmental standards. Sierra Nevada enables your beer fix to be clean for the environment, (to compensate for that liver).


This is a Dutch brewery, founded in 1615, and is best known for their 5% abv pale lager, the classic – Grolsch Premium Pilsner. However, they produce mostly pale lager beers, alongside beverages with abv ranging from 0%, up to 11.6%. Perfect for mixing up the intoxication level you experience, depending on the scene.

Coors Light

Sadly, for tipsy vegans, only the US version of this beer is vegan, not the one in the UK. This cold filtered, light beer with 4.2% abv. First produced in 1978 by The Coors Brewing Company, this beer is not too old in terms of the industry. “Whatever your mountain”, an ice-cold Coors Light is the erfect accompaniment to the journey.


Enjoy your beers but please drink responsibly!