Trader Joe's Launches Own Brand Vegan Meat Protein Burger Patties
Trader Joe's is reportedly launching vegan high protein patties.
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Trader Joe’s is about to launch its own vegan meat protein burgers.

The chain hasn’t confirmed the launch yet, but pictures of the burger have appeared on social media. One Facebook user posted to a closed group titled “Vegan Trader Joe’s” with an image of the new product in its packaging.

According to the packaging, each of the new burgers will contain 18 grams of protein.

The burgers appear similar to those made by Beyond Meat. Based in California, the brand is now famous for its pea protein-based vegan patties. The addition of beetroot makes each burger seem like its “bleeding,” just like its animal-based counterpart.

Beyond Burger
Beyond Burgers “bleed” thanks to the addition of beetroot.

The Rising Popularity of Vegan Meat

Trader Joe’s isn’t alone in creating its own vegan meat. Kroger — the largest supermarket in the U.S. — recently announced the launch of its own brand vegan range. Called Simple Truth Plant Based, the range includes vegan burgers, sausages, mince, and ham.

“It’s a defining moment when America’s largest grocer launches an entire collection of plant-based meat and dairy products,” said Bruce Friedrich, the founder and CEO of the Good Food Institute (GFI), in a statement. GFI is a nonprofit that promotes the consumption of animal-free foods, as well as the development of lab-grown meat.

Friedrich continued, “[It] is clear proof that plant-based has truly gone mainstream. We look forward to other grocers following Kroger’s lead.”

Supermarket chains are listening to consumer demand for more ethical, environmentally-friendly products. According to a recent study, 80 percent of Americans want to swap at least some of the meat in their diet for vegan food. 

Burgers, in particular, are in high demand. Research from NPD Group last month revealed that meat-eaters have eaten 216 million vegan burgers so far this year.

“Plant-based burgers allow consumers to substitute without sacrifice,” said Darren Seifer — an NPD food and beverage industry analyst — in a statement. “They get the ‘burger’ experience while assuaging their need for more protein and social concerns. U.S. consumers have not given up on beef burgers, but are willing to mix things up every now and then.”

Trader Joe's Launches Own Brand Vegan Burgers
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Trader Joe's Launches Own Brand Vegan Burgers
Trader Joe's is adding more vegan food to its shelves. Reportedly, the chain is set to launch its own high protein vegan meat burger.
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