5 Travel Tips for Finding Vegan Food Options in Nepal
Finding vegan food in Nepal is simple.
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The small but mighty South Asian nation of Nepal neighbors China in the North and India in the South. With Mount Everest sitting on the border between Nepal and China, the nation is well-established as the ultimate destination for hikers.

But hiking isn’t the only activity the nation has to offer. Nepal is home to several animal sanctuaries, including the Kopan Monastery’s Animal Liberation Sanctuary where goats and cows rescued from slaughter are given a new home for life and exposed to the Buddha Dharm.

Though primarily Hindu in religion, Nepal has a large Buddhist population. Volunteering at a monastery is a great way to learn from compassionate individuals and to immerse yourself in a culture of peace. Travel groups such as Real Gap offer Nepal Monstery Experience trips, where travelers teach English to young monks, take part in meditation and prayer, and visit temples, all while learning about Nepalese tradition. Buddhists are known for avoiding animal products and promoting the principle of non-violence to all creatures.

As for your everyday food requirements, travelers can find plant-based offerings throughout the nation’s teashops, restaurants, and street markets. Many traditional Nepalese dishes are vegan-friendly. The staple dal bhat is a lentil curry. It usually features rice, cooked vegetables, pickles, and, of course, lentils. Another staple, particularly among Sherpa people, is dhido and gundruk. The former is essentially a thick porridge made from millet flour, cornmeal or buckwheat; gundruk is the side dish of fermented leafy green vegetables. Another traditional dish is momosor dumplings, which are commonly filled with vegetables.

From health food stores to local delicacies and hidden-gem eateries, Nepal is abundant in plant-based cuisine. Be sure to check them out or come prepared if you’re planning on making the summit!

5 Places to Find Vegan Food in Nepal


5 Travel Tips for Finding Vegan Food Options in Nepal
Green Organic Café is a hotspot for vegan food.

1. Green Organic Café

The Green Organic Café — located in Kathmandu’s Thamel district — opened in 2004 and has become a hotspot for both travelers and locals who enjoy fresh food and drinks. The restaurant focuses on providing visitors with local and organic food, and offers a full vegan menu featuring curries, roast vegetable sandwiches, and vegetable noodle soup, or thukpa.

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5 Travel Tips for Finding Vegan Food Options in Nepal
Head to OR2K for vegan pizza.

2. OR2K

This Israeli eatery chain OR2K has locations in both Kathmandu and Pokhara. The veggie and vegan restaurant has a 3-floor restaurant in Thamel; in Pokhara, the location features a view of lakes and the Himalayas. Both boast a relaxing, welcoming atmosphere, smiley service, and delicious food including hummus, falafel, crepes, Buddha bowls, and vegan cheese pizza.

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5 Travel Tips for Finding Vegan Food Options in Nepal
BLISS Pure Foods is in Kathmandu.

3. BLISS Pure Foods

Located within Boudha Stupe Circle in Kathmandu, BLISS Pure Foods (previously known as BLISS Raw Cafe) is a raw, sugar-free vegan and veggie eatery specializing in probiotic-rich, nutrient-dense food and drink. The first organic fusion superfood and herbs health store in Nepal, the eatery offers dishes including sushi, noodle soup, tempeh kebabs, and desserts, as well as drinks including kefir soda and kombucha.

The brand is called BLISS because it “stand[s] for peace and longevity through ahimsa and vegetarianism.”

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5 Travel Tips for Finding Vegan Food Options in Nepal
Loving Heart was Nepal’s first fully vegan restaurant.

4. Loving Heart Vegan Restaurant

Nepal’s first fully vegan restaurant, Loving Heart – located in Thamel – “aim[s] to offer the best national and international cuisines to travelers.” The eatery offers Indian, Continental Chinese, and Nepalese dishes, including vegan ginger fish, dumplings, noodles, and curries. It also offers a breakfast menu that features tofu omelet and pancakes.

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Buy vegan cheese at Vegan Dairy Nepal.

5. Vegan Dairy Nepal

Located at Sahid Sukra Galli, this vegan store offers dairy-free yogurt, cheese, Indian sweets, and a range of plant milk from almond to coconut to cashew. Its products are freshly made, preservative-free, organic, and sure to impress any traveler with a creamy texture and taste.

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5 Travel Tips for Finding Vegan Food Options in Nepal
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5 Travel Tips for Finding Vegan Food Options in Nepal
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