Comedian, Tyler Perry, and His Family are Going Vegan This Thanksgiving

Comedian, Tyler Perry, and His Family are Going Vegan This Thanksgiving
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – APRIL 25: Tyler Perry attends the 93rd Annual Academy Awards at Union Station on April 25, 2021 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Chris Pizzello-Pool/Getty Images)

In stark contrast to previous years, self-confessed meat-lover Tyler Perry and his family are going to be gathering around the Tofurky to give thanks this Thursday, at least that’s what the star told Rachel Ray on her show earlier this week.

The multi-talented actor, director, and producer exclusively revealed that this year’s Thanksgiving is going to be a little bit different in nature, as he has recently made the decision to give up eating meat.

Tyler will be spending the day with his vegan wife, Gelila Bekel who is a filmmaker, model, activist and humanitarian, along with his 3-year-old son, Aman (godchild to Oprah Winfrey no less). When questioned about his plans, Tyler replied ‘we’re in a weird place ‘cause mom is vegan and I just stopped eating meat. But there is something called Tofurkey, tofu turkey, we’re going to try and see if that works out.’

Tyler’s clearly had a change of heart since he was originally introduced to the concept of Tofurkey by his friend Steve Harvey on his show. He initially appeared cynical and amused by the idea, exclaiming to his pal ‘shut up Steve! You’re kidding me?!…that sounds like I’m cussing when I say Tofurkey! Nah man, but I’ll eat some tochicken!

It seems the star will now be eating his words with a side of veg and cruelty-free deliciousness tomorrow, bon appetite Tyler!


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