‘Breakthrough’ Organic Vegan Burgers Now Available Nationally
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Moving Mountains, a new UK-based company is set to launch a ‘bleeding’, non-GMO, vegan burger. The patties are made with high-end technology that has taken over two years to perfect and they contain absolutely no cholesterol.

The company claims its products, named the B12 Burgers, are the closest vegan replica to animal meat yet, although the B12 burgers are aimed at a meat-eating target market, not just vegans. Moving Mountains’ plant based patties will hit supermarket and shop shelves across the UK next year, as well as being served at restaurants and eateries.

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These new burger patties are made from potatoes, wheat, soy, mushrooms and coconut oil. The key ingredient is beetroot juice, which allows the patty to ‘bleed’ just like traditional beef.

Moving Mountains said: “Together, we can build a better world. Together we can move mountains.” 

The founder, Simeon Van der Molen and his team have designed the Moving Mountains products to rival rare cooked beef, in terms of taste, smell and sizzle. The patties will be red and bleeding in the centre, and brown on the outside.

As Beyond Meat (another vegan company which makes bleeding burgers) has not yet confirmed their UK launch date, Moving Mountains will be Britain’s first ever uncooked vegan burger on sale, which bleeds and could be mistaken for actual beef.

In addition to requiring less resources such as water and land, and producing less carbon emissions than beef – these patties boast a higher nutritional content, in comparison to the same amount of beef. The patties are fortified with Vitamin B12 too, so consumers need not worry about missing out on any essential nutrients.

The burger also boasts 20g of protein per serving.

Image Credit: Moving Mountains