9 Vegan Valentine's Day Recipes That Are Better Than Steak
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Many have a love-hate relationship with the 14th of February. But aside from the encouraged consumerism, Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to spend time with loved ones and show them how much they mean to you. Whether you’re one-half of a love bird couple or flying solo, these nine vegan recipes are guaranteed to be a hit (and better than steak!).

9 Vegan Valentine’s Day Recipes That Are Better Than Steak

1. Vegan Meatballs With Spaghetti

Get all “Lady and the Tramp” with this spaghetti and meatballs recipe. Not only is the dish super cute and fitting for Valentine’s Day, but your date will be impressed that you passed on the store-bought and made your own vegan meatballs.

Find the recipe here.

2. The Best Vegan Lasagne

They say the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach. This animal-free lasagne includes tofu-cashew ricotta, red lentil marinara, and plenty of fresh spinach. The nostalgic yet inventive dish is packed with protein and is sure to put a smile on your partner’s face.

See the recipe here.

3. Fluffiest Vegan Pancakes

Your loved one will be sure to wake up on the right side of the bed if the day starts with a plateful of pancakes. This recipe results in the fluffiest vegan pancakes ever and can be decorated with toppings of your choice – think maple syrup, strawberries, or dairy-free chocolate (or a combination of all!). Best served as breakfast in bed.

Check out the recipe here.

4. Vegan Pasta Alfredo

This recipe is a healthier spin on conventional Alfredo dishes. While still creamy, delicious, and feel-good, the meal is made without dairy so passes on the health risks of animal products. Pair it with a cruelty-free wine for the ultimate homemade dinner.

Find this recipe online.

5. Veggie Pizza

When you can’t decide what to have, pizza is a foolproof option. You can design it to be exactly what you want, showing your partner you know them by topping the dish with all of their favorite ingredients. And, if all goes wrong and your homecooked meal turns out more burnt than not, you can always order a vegan pizza from Dominos, Pizza Express, or Pizza Hut.

See this recipe here.

6. Gluten-Free Chocolate Cake

Finish the night off right with a slice (or two) of chocolate cake. Featuring dairy-free chocolate hearts and soy whipped cream, this vegan treat is the perfect way to say “being with you is like having the cake and eating it too.”

See the recipe here.

7. Crispy Baked Tacos With Pineapple Salsa

Get creative in the kitchen with this vegan taco recipe that is comforting, healthy, and packed with flavor. It’s so good that it might even become you and your partner’s Valentine’s Day tradition.

Find the recipe online.

8. Crowd-Pleasing Vegan Caesar Salad

For something a little lighter but still nutritious and delicious, this meat and dairy-free Caesar salad ticks all the boxes. It includes roasted chickpea croutons, nut and seed parmesan, and a creamy dressing. Plus, by having a lighter meal, you and your date could always do a late-night, guilt-free dessert run and grab a pint of Ben & Jerry’s nondairy ice cream.

See the recipe here.

9. Banana Split

Show your crush that you never want to split up with this dairy-free dessert that dances with indulgence. It’s delicious, simple to make, and a timeless classic – sure to make your partner go bananas.

Find the recipe online.

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9 Vegan Valentine's Day Recipes to Make You Fall In Love With Plants
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9 Vegan Valentine's Day Recipes to Make You Fall In Love With Plants
Celebrate Valentine's Day with these vegan dinner and dessert recipes that show your partner you care. These plant-based dishes are sure to win their heart.
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