10 Vegan 90s Makeup Products to Try, from Lisa Frank to Hello Kitty


Ah, the ‘90s (and early aughts), when the Spice Girls and TLC were the biggest names in pop, everyone knew where Bel Air and Beverly Hills were thanks to Fresh Prince and 90210, and phones didn’t have screens — remember the flip Nokia? No? Well, one lasting impression of the era that’s back en vogue are 90s makeup trends. Then, it was all about texture and ‘tude: think frosted lips, grungy eyeliner, and a color spectrum that pivoted from darkest-goth to prettiest pink (depending on the year and/or the wearer’s vibe).

And now, 90s makeup trends are back in a big way. We’ve reached a point where the nineties and the aughts (or the noughties to Brits) are considered retro decades. Those who lived it are embracing the power of nostalgia, and younger generations are discovering that this era’s beauty looks are hella fly.

Whether you’re looking to relive the vibe, or are inspired to try the look now, here are 10 cruelty-free 90s makeup trends to try.

The Lizzie McGuire show inspired several products during its original release, and now ColourPop have launched a vegan 90s makeup collection | ColourPop

ColourPop Lizzie McGuire Collab

Hey now, hey now. This ColourPop collaboration is what dreams are made of. If you remember Hilary Duff’s iconic role as America’s awkward tween sweetheart in the early aughts, featuring crimped hair, scrunchies, and beaded bracelets — well, that’s the look here.

The super fun cruelty-free collection is full of color, glitter, and, of course, the juiciest lip gloss tubes going (with product names including Miranda, Gordo, and Ethan Craft). There are pretty pressed powder blushes in a range of pink tones; exfoliating lip scrubs that’ll leave your lips feeling soft and conditioned, and long-wearing, multi-colored glitter gels, one of which is named Sing to Me Paolo (if you know, you know).

Check it out here.

Tower 28’s Lip Jelly is a veganized version of the gloss you may remember from the 90s | Tower28

Tower 28 ShineOn Lip Jelly

If you were in school in the ‘90s, Lancome’s Juicy Tubes Lip Gloss were the makeup must-have of every cool kid everywhere. (And the envy of every other kid whose parents wouldn’t let them lather their lips in juicy, shiny jelly on a school day.)

Lancome’s iconic gloss isn’t cruelty-free, but Tower 28’s version is, and it’s arguably even cooler than the OG.

Available in six “juicy translucent shades,” ShineOn Lip Jelly is glossy without being sticky, and unlike some other lip glosses on the market, it won’t leave your lips feeling dry after you remove it. Instead, they’ll feel soft and moisturized, thanks to the five nourishing oils (including apricot and avocado) included in the formula.

Check it out here.

Cruelty-free beauty brand Morphe launched a range of Lisa Frank-designed makeup products | Morphe

Morphe Lisa Frank Collection

In the ‘90s, U.S. middle school cafeterias were brimming with Lisa Frank’s lunch bags and boxes. In fact, you could find her cute neon, animal-inspired designs on all manner of school equipment and accessories, from stationery to backpacks. To quote a 12-year-old Mila Kunis from this now super nostalgic ’90s ad, at the time, kids were all: “Lisa Frank! You gotta have it!”

If you’re still a Lisa Frank fan at heart, you can find her sweet designs at Morphe. The cruelty-free beauty brand teamed up with the designer to launch a whole range of bright, bold makeup products, like the Paint It Playful lip crayon trio, for example. The pretty pink and purple tones will give your look a pop of color as they glide smoothly onto your lip. Although be mindful to check the ingredients: the shade Dear Diary contains beeswax, so isn’t vegan.

You can also get the Forrest eyeshadow palette, featuring shades like the shimmery pink Ballerina Bunnies and the sea-green Dancing Dolphins.

Check it out here.

This vegan brand stocks several different dark matte lipsticks | Lime Crime

Lime Crime Salem Matte Lipstick

There were many lipstick trends throughout the 90s, but the one that arguably most characterizes the era is the grungy dark matte lip. (Think Drew Barrymore at The 50th Annual Golden Globe Awards or Cindy Crawford’s Revlon ad look.) The style is still very much in, with singer Phoebe Bridgers working a dark gothic lip at the 2021 Grammys.

To help you perfect your version of the classic 90s style, vegan brand Lime Crime has an array of dark matte colors, like this Salem true brown shade. The long-lasting, vanilla-infused velvet formula will leave your pout looking flawlessly moody all evening long.

Check it out here.

Bollyglow is the “world’s first” beauty brand inspired by Bollywood | Bollyglow

Bollyglow Rebel Lips Obsession

Grunge-inspired brown-hued lips were all the rage in ‘90s Bollywood too. According to Mumbai-based style magazine Idiva, there are a multitude of ways to wear this iconic retro look, just like the Bollywood stars of more than 20 years ago. Pair it with bronzed cheeks, smokey eyes, or even silver eyeshadow.

Bollyglow, the “world’s first beauty and wellness brand inspired by Bollywood,” offers Rebel Lips Obsession, a brown lipstick with a shiny, glittery finish. It’s easy to apply; just a few strokes of the smooth formula gives you full coverage.

Check it out here.

Revolution produces a series of eyeshadow palettes inspired by the NOW That’s What I Call Music compilations | Revolution

Revolution Now That’s What I Call Makeup

This is one for anyone who grew up in the UK or Ireland throughout the ‘80s, ’90s, or noughties. Launched in 1983 for the first time, NOW That’s What I Call Music was a sought-after compilation cassette tape (and then CD later on), featuring all the hits of the moment.

If you’ve missed seeing that hard copy of NOW on your shelves, then you’ll be pleased to know that cruelty-free brand Revolution has a series of eyeshadow palettes featuring the same nostalgic branding. There are three variations to choose from: ‘80s, ‘90s, and ‘00s. The former features bright, bold shades, from blue to red to green; the ‘90s is more neutral, with smoky bronzes and taupes, and the ‘00s is mixed, with frosted shades and burnt oranges.

Check it out here.

Hello Kitty features on more than 50,000 products worldwide | HipDot x Sanrio

HipDot Hello Kitty Collab

Back in 1974, Sanrio, a now world-renowned Japanese company that designs characters based around the Kawaii aesthetic, launched the very first Hello Kitty coin purse. In the decades that followed, the little cartoon bobtail cat with a pink bow made her way to world domination. It was in the 1990s when she really started to make a name for herself, and by 1999 she was appearing on around 12,000 new products a year. She was, and always will be, a true ’90s and noughties icon, in and outside of Japan.

Hello Kitty is still loved by many today. And vegan brand HipDot knows it. The cruelty-free company recently teamed up with Sanrio to launch a pink-centric makeup collaboration, featuring Hello Kitty-themed dual ended lip gloss (in Sassy Pink and Peach), an eyeliner and mascara duo, and even a bright red heart-shaped makeup sponge.

Check it out here.

These bright Glossy Lip Crayons are moisturizing and hydrating | Tony Moly

TonyMoly Dream Glossy Lip Crayon

In the ’90s, bright red lips were all the rage in many countries around the world, and South Korea was no exception (see the pages of a ’90s Korean beauty mag here to prove it).

If it’s still a go-to look for you (let’s be honest, that bright red pout is a timeless classic, loved through many decades), K-beauty brand Tony Moly’s Panda Dream Glossy Lip Crayon will give you that gorgeous pop of bright red color. It’s easy to use, and it will moisturize and hydrate your lips, thanks to extracts of bamboo and pomegranate.

Check it out here.

KVD Vegan Beauty stocks a huge range of lip liners, including green | KVD

KVD Vegan Beauty Lip Liner

Name a more iconic duo than the ’90s and lip liner, we’ll wait. Got nothing? That’s because lip liner was the ultimate accompaniment to that ’90s pout. It could be seen on everyone from supermodels to actresses, and again, on those cool kids in the school cafeteria.

If you’re looking to recreate it, KVD Vegan Beauty (formerly Kat Von D’s brand, but it now has no affiliate with the makeup artist) has a whole range of lip liners in every color you could desire. (No, seriously, there’s even green.)

Check it out here.

Each Juvia’s Place product is inspired by the African continent | Juvia’s Place

Juvia’s Place Bright Blushes

In the early aughts, it was all about the blush. People really had to know you were wearing it, you know? Discreet was not an option.

To really achieve that bright, rosy glow, Juvia’s Place has some vibrant tones of blush. Each cruelty-free product is an ode to the African continent, like this Saharan Blush Palette, which “embodies a meticulously formulated array of multi-functional colors.”

Check it out here.

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Editors note: This piece was updated on April 20, 2021 to clarify that the shade Dear Diary in the Paint It Playful lip crayon trio contains beeswax.

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