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Vegan Celeb Alicia Silverstone’s Sustainable Closet Is a Cruelty-Free Fashion Haven

Vegan Celeb Alicia Silverstone’s Sustainable Closet Is a Cruelty-Free Fashion Haven

Vegan celebrity, activist, and sustainable lifestyle advocate Alicia Silverstone recently gave online beauty and fashion magazine Coveteur a peek into her closet, sharing some of her favorite cruelty-free fashion brands.

“I used to wear jeans and a green t-shirt every single day, and I had zero interest in fashion or understanding of it, really,” Silverstone said with a laugh, considering that she played the fashionable Cher Horowitz in the 1995 cult hit “Clueless.”

“I still went back to my jeans and t-shirt [after filming Clueless].”

Coveteur noted that the myKind Organics founder’s closet showcased a taste for an“unfussy and classic sensibility,” packed with “breezy blouses and piles of denim.” 

Silverstone brings her vegan and eco-friendly lifestyle into her closet, with a mixture of vintage finds and sustainable fashion brands. But according to the star, she prefers secondhand clothing above all due to its positive impact on the planet.

“I really love used clothing for a lot of reasons. The first reason is because it’s more environmentally sound. I can’t bear all of the clothes that are wasted and then landfilled, it’s just outrageous. The clothing industry is really out of control in terms of how much gets thrown away. So that, to me, is number one,”  she said.


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Inside my closet with @coveteur. Check out the full photo set and interview via the link in my bio!

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Her closet showcased a mixture of casual pieces like vintage heavy metal band tees and tops from LA-based clothing brand MadeWorn and breezy, feminine blouses and dresses from Veronica BeardSt. RocheD Ô E N, and Ulla Johnson“In the past, I have spent a lot of time at Crossroads, the clothing store—they have such great stuff,” Silverstone added. She also favored on-trend denim from brands Paige and Frame.

“When I can’t buy vintage, then I like to buy clothes that are new because there are companies that are making really good, responsible choices, and when that happens it’s very exciting. So I like to buy clothes from those brands and support them. Most of my closet is secondhand or eco, but sometimes something else will slide in there that’s not eco and not secondhand,” she continued. For luxury secondhand goods, Silverstone is also a fan of luxury consignment store the RealReal.

For shoes, Silverstone had vegan leather pumps from Aldo, Susi Studio heels, and cruelty-free boots from Stella McCartney. She owns a sustainable purse from Naghedi and a vegan leather bag from ASOS.

This isn’t the first instance that the vegan celeb has opened her home up to the public. In October, Silverstone gave lifestyle and health magazine Women’s Health a tour of her vegan fridge.

Image Credit: Alicia Silverstone

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