9 Vegan Cheese Recipes for Your Christmas Cheeseboard

With the holiday season upon us, now is the perfect time to experiment with new flavors and try something new.

There are many vegan cheeses available at supermarkets and health food stores, but sometimes homemade is just more satisfying! Whether or not you’re vegan, these plant-based cheeses are a unique addition to your cheeseboard this Christmas.

If the recipes below aren’t enough to tempt you, you can always try making your own vegan mozzarella at home or consult a vegan cheese cookbook for more ideas – a food processor is also handy to have, for blending up the ingredients.

Or, check your local store for vegan cheeseboard-worthy buys from brands like Daiya, Dr. Cow, Treeline, and Kite Hill.

9 Vegan Recipes for Your Christmas Cheeseboard

1. Cashew Cream Cheese9 Vegan Cheese Recipes for Your Christmas Cheeseboard

This dairy-free cashew cream cheese is simplicity at its best. All you need is raw cashews, nutritional yeast, a squeeze of lemon juice, and your favorite herbs – try fresh chives or dill!

View the recipe here.

2. Smoked Cashew Cheese

This smoked cashew cheese takes less than 10 minutes to make. It uses raw cashews, nutritional yeast, smoked paprika, and maple syrup for a touch of sweetness. This versatile vegan cheese is sliceable when baked and it even melts.

View the recipe here.

3. Gouda Cheese

This mouthwatering vegan gouda melts like real cheese – but it’s great for cheese boards, too! Made from coconut milk, white beans, and plenty of herbs, this soy-free, dairy-free cheese will be gone in an instant.

See it here.

4. Melted Cheese
9 Vegan Cheese Recipes for Your Christmas Cheeseboard

Don’t discount dips from your holiday vegan cheese platter! This melty, dairy-free cheese dip is made from affordable ingredients like potatoes and carrots. Nobody will guess that it’s actually made from veggies, plus it’s nut-free and soy-free.

View the recipe here.

5. Garlic and Herb Cheese

This tangy, homemade vegan cheese is made from a blend of raw cashews, nutritional yeast, fresh garlic, and lemon. It’s so easy to make – just pop all of the ingredients into a food processor, wrap it in cheesecloth, and let it set.

See the recipe here.

6. Spiced Cashew Dip
9 Vegan Cheese Recipes for Your Christmas Cheeseboard

This vegan cashew cheese has a kick to it, thanks to the addition of red pepper flakes, paprika, and minced garlic. Serve with crackers or crisp veggies, like celery, to really let the spicy flavor shine through.

View the recipe here.

7. Cheddar Cheese9 Vegan Cheese Recipes for Your Christmas Cheeseboard

This dairy-free cheddar cheese is the perfect addition to your holiday cheese board. Made from cashews, this recipe utilizes agar, a seaweed-derived ingredient, in order to create a sliceable texture.

View the recipe here.

8. Queso Dip

9 Vegan Cheese Recipes for Your Christmas Cheeseboard

This slightly spicy, super cheesy dip is ideal for those allergic to cashews because it uses eggplant to create a creamy, velvety texture. Serve with a side of chips for dipping.

View the recipe here.

9. Cranberry and Thyme Cheese Ball

Nutritious, delicious, and complete with festive colors, this eye-catching vegan cheese ball is made from cashews, with the addition of miso paste to create an authentic, tangy cheese flavor. Serve with crostini and crackers.

View the recipe here.

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