Europe’s number one coconut yogurt brand, The Coconut Collaborative, has crossed the pond, releasing its line of coconut-based yogurts and dessert puddings in the United States.

The Coconut Collaborative is a British-based company that launched in 2014 by identical twin brothers looking for a healthy, dairy-free alternative to yogurt. Edward and James Averdieck still run the company, and they are on a mission to spread their coconut-based products to the masses.

The brothers want consumers to have it all; they believe one should not have to sacrifice taste for health, or ethics for lack of a sustainable product.

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“Pleasure needn’t be sacrificed in the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle,” said Edward. “We think you really can have the best of both worlds. Our yogurts and desserts combine great taste with a deliciously thick and creamy texture as well as all the healthy benefits of coconut.”

Coconut Collaborative yogurts contain half the sugar of leading competitors and are only sweetened with naturally-occurring sugars in fruit. Ingredients are kept to a minimum, and as the name implies, the main ingredients are cultured coconut milk and coconut water. Flavors include Blueberry, Mango & Passionfruit, and Natural (pure coconut).

Choc Pods

New Yorkers can also enjoy two of the company’s dessert offerings: Little Lemon Pots and Little Choc Pots. These one hundred calorie puddings are made with coconut cream for that luxurious mouthfeel without an overdose of fat and sugar. True to the company’s motto, these products are ‘free from dairy but not temptation.’

In addition to providing consumers with great-tasting, healthy vegan alternatives, the brothers also focus on their business’ social responsibility. They partner with Pur Project, a non-profit in Southeast Asia that plants coconut trees to support local farmers and uphold environmental sustainability through regenerative agricultural practices.

Coconut Collaborative products are only available in New York at the moment, but there is hope the company will expand its U.S. distribution nationwide in the near future.

Photo credit @coconutcollab/Instagram