These Vegan Dessert Nachos Are Topped With Berries and Cream
You have to try these vegan dessert nachos.

These vegan dessert nachos with berries and cream are the dessert of your dreams. You know that moment in the evening when you wail “I really want dessert but I don’t have any…” Yes? Good. Because this recipe is for you.

These Dessert Nachos are made mainly with ingredients you likely already have in your cupboard. These include tortilla chips, nut butter, coconut milk, and chocolate. This recipe features delicious organic tortilla chips with layers of almond butter caramel, coconut whipped cream, strawberries, and drizzled chocolate. These are the perfect indulgent dessert for those moments when you just want something sweet.

I say indulgent because they taste absolutely delicious, but are somehow still made with whole food ingredients and are free of refined sugar. So you can rest assured that you’re still eating natural ingredients. I probably wouldn’t eat these every single day because they’re so rich but for those times when you need an indulgent treat, they definitely fit the bill!

I’ve never tried making dessert nachos before and it’s been so fun creating this recipe. I’ve found that tortilla chips add the ideal amount of crunchiness and salt to this dish without being overpowering. And I really recommend using these as opposed to their unsalted counterparts, as the saltiness balances out the sweetness perfectly in the recipe. I also love that unlike most other tortilla chips that use highly processed corn flour, Que Pasa chips are made from whole kernel corn, retaining more of their nutrients. Plus, they’re organic and non-GMO which is something I look for in foods I eat regularly.

I just have a couple of notes for this recipe. You’re welcome to use store-bought whipped coconut cream instead of homemade if you’re in a hurry. It will taste slightly different but will still work really well. If you can’t get strawberries at this time of year, feel free to use any kind of juicy fruit with lots of flavors instead. (Kiwis work really well!) Finally, feel free to use peanut butter in the caramel if you prefer it to almond butter. It will change the taste but it’ll still be absolutely delicious. Have fun!

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This recipe was republished with permission from Vancouver With Love.