Vegan Domino’s Cheese Pizza May Soon Arrive Across New Zealand

Kiwi pizza lovers rejoice! Today, the world’s leading pizza franchise, Domino’s, shared a post on Facebook alerting New Zealanders to some news which could make their vegan pizza dreams a reality.

Domino’s New Zealand posted a short video, captioned: “[w]ant Vegan Cheese at Domino’s? To register your interest to support Vegan Cheese at Domino’s, and also to be the first to know if we do introduce it to our menu, visit:

All voters have to do is follow two simple steps: enter their email to share their support for this potential new menu addition and sign-up to receive email notifications from the company. Easy peasy, vegan cheesy.

Domino’s is currently offering vegan cheese options in Israel and ran a similarly successful campaign Australia just last year. In January Dominos AU even increased their vegan offerings to include three vegan pizza options and a vegan garlic bread side.

Domino’s hasn’t confirmed what its timeframe would be for New Zealand, if it does add the vegan cheese, but the demand for vegan products on this tiny island continues to skyrocket.

At the time of their Australian debut, Domino’s told LIVEKINDLY “[w]e have been overwhelmed by the popularity of our Vegan Cheese…We’ve received great feedback about having vegan cheese and it will stay on the menu”. Time will only tell if New Zealanders may soon share the same fate, cheesy as it may seem.

Image Credit: Domino’s Australia

Nadia Murray-Ragg :Social Media Coordinator and Freelance Journalist | Wellington, New Zealand | Contactable via