Vegan Formula 1 Champion Lewis Hamilton Reveals What He Eats to Stay Fit
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Five-time Formula 1 (F1) champion and vegan athlete Lewis Hamilton has revealed what a typical day of plant-based eating to stay fit looks like.

The British race car driver shared some of his vegan favorite meals with Business Insider, showing that despite some mainstream misgivings about a vegan diet, Hamilton’s diet allows him to enjoy a wide variety of foods.

What Does a Vegan Athlete Eat?

Hamilton said that he and other F1 drivers typically enjoy porridge for breakfast but if he’s feeling more “adventurous,” he might go for baked beans on toast. Vegan pancakes are another favorite of his. In November 2017, the athlete told CNN that he enjoys a stack of pancakes every weekend.

“It’s crazy. I’m not putting more weight on because, with this new plant-based diet, I can have more carbs which is contradictory of what you’d normally have thought diet-wise, but I’m not going to complain, I love pancakes so it’s great,” Hamilton said.

Hamilton is also always glad to get his hands on a vegan burger, no matter where he is. Speaking on his world tour during the F1 season, he said: “I found a vegan burger in Hong Kong and had them send burgers to me in Japan, where I ate them every day.”


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According to nutritionist Tara Ostrowe, who has worked with top athletes and teams, other protein-rich options that could help keep the plant-based athlete in shape include falafel sandwiches, vegan chili, and quinoa bowls with veggies.

Hamilton also frequently likes to share what he’s eating on his Instagram story, revealing that he regularly eats a wide variety of foods, including orzo pasta with green beans, sun-dried tomatoes, guac, sprouted grains, and hummus with raw vegetables on the side.

Other meals include slow-cooked zucchini with toasted pine nuts with a salad consisting of couscous, pomegranate, raisin, and orange peel.

If there’s one thing Hamilton misses, it’s Nutella. He recently said, “I miss Nutella. I miss sweets but now I know what’s in that stuff, it’s gross.” 

Despite avoiding dairy, Hamilton doesn’t have to miss out on the chocolatey hazelnut spread – German brand Vego launched a vegan Nutella-like spread earlier this year.


Hamilton famously ditched animal products in September 2017 after watching the plant-based health documentary “What the Health.” By next month, he was an avid supporter of his new vegan diet, stating that he could “never go back” to eating meat. Although he seemed to have adopted a plant-based diet for the health benefits, the five-time F1 champ also has a soft spot for animals. Over the summer, he updated his Instagram bio to read: “Plant Based. Love Animals.”

Despite the recently-announced new F1 weight regulations announced last August, Hamilton isn’t worried about gaining weight on a vegan diet. The athlete sees it as an opportunity to build more muscle with plant-based protein.

“I should be a different athlete next year, I’m excited about that,” he said.

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Vegan Formula 1 Champion Lewis Hamilton Reveals What He Eats to Stay Fit
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Vegan Formula 1 Champion Lewis Hamilton Reveals What He Eats to Stay Fit
What does a vegan athlete eat? Five-time Formula 1 champ and vegan Lewis Hamilton what he eats on his plant-based diet, from pancakes to burgers.
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