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It’s Girl Scout cookie season! Clear out the freezer to make room for the inevitable stockpile of Thin Mints. However, Thin Mints are just one of the five vegan-friendly Girl Scout cookie options this year, which means there’s no excuse to pass up the Scout table. Use this list to discover which Girl Scout cookie flavors are vegan, then go buy a box (or five) from your local troop. Here are five delicious ways you can support the Scouts and promote vegan options at the same time!



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This campfire classic joined the Girl Scout line last year and became the most popular flavor to launch in Girl Scout history. Note, because the Girl Scouts contract with two different bakeries, there are two versions of this cookie, and only one is vegan. Look for the chocolate-covered ones made by ABC Bakers. It’s a sweet and crunchy graham cracker cookie dipped in icing and drenched in chocolate. Enjoy a s’more anytime, no flames required!



These shortbread rounds are perfectly sweet with just the right amount of lemony pucker. Enjoy straight from the box or with a cup of hot tea. Simple yet oh so satisfying.

PB Patties


A cookie line would not be complete without a peanut butter and chocolate combination. These cookies feature a crispy cookie, dolloped with peanut butter, enrobed in chocolate. There are actually four peanut butter cookie varieties, and only the patties are vegan. Steer clear of the Tagalongs, Peanut Butter Sandwiches, and Do-si-dos, which are not vegan.



What does ‘thanks’ taste like? A shortbread cookie dipped in fudge. These friendly cookies feature their name stamped on top, with a decadent fudge layer on the bottom. You’ll want a glass of plant milk or vegan hot chocolate handy; these treats are made for dunking.

Thin Mints


These crispy, chocolate-covered mint cookies are legendary. They are the highest selling Girl Scout cookie, year after year. Room temperate or straight from the freezer, people plow through these vegan treats by the boxful. Stock up and store them in the freezer to tie yourself over until next year.


Image Credit: Girl Scouts