5 Delicious Vegan Girl Scout Cookies You Gotta Try!

People often wonder how vegans live without the many desserts people have come to know and love. What they frequently don’t see, however, is that vegans rarely have to give up anything. More and more these days, snacks and foods with animal products are being replaced with vegan alternatives — things like chocolate, ice cream, cake, cupcakes, and donuts are easy to make vegan.

This trend of replacing animal products seems to have taken root in the Girl Scouts organization, who now have 5 delicious (vegan) cookies to offer. This list includes some of the classics. Some would say this list includes the best Girl Scout cookie.

1. Peanut Butter Patties (the Tagalongs are NOT vegan)

2. Thanks-A-Lot

3. Lemonades

4. Girl Scout S’mores (one variation is vegan and one is not)

And, arguably the most popular of all the cookies…

5. Thin Mints

It is, however, worth noting that all of these products are unfortunately made with palm oil. This is not a deal breaker for all vegans, as it’s not an actual animal product. However, its production has devastating effects on animals and the environment.

The animal-free ingredient list is just the icing on top that makes these delectable treats a little sweeter. Just be careful not to buy too many boxes. Girl Scouts are some of the best salespeople in the world.

image credit: girlscouts.org


Buffy Flores :Staff Writer, Philadelphia | Contactable via: buffy@livekindly.co